Frequently Asked Questions

Which sports use Dartfish?

Dartfish can be used for any sport or activity where visual feedback will benefit the athlete, coach or referee.

Our software combines technical, tactical and statistical analysis. Together with our apps and video analysis website, our tools integrate into any sport’s workflow to capture, analyze performance, and share.

Is Dartfish only used for sport?

Dartfish's roots are in sport and that's reflected in much of the information and resources we provide. Now however, our diverse range of clients, benefit from multiple ways to use video for analysis, communication or instruction. Dartfish software, apps, and prove extremely effective for anyone who chooses to coach remotely or wants to develop online video archives


The wider medical field has joined sports medicine with application beyond movement analysis and rehab. Dartfish tools are now used to train and review the performance of nurses and surgeons. 


Industrial processes, proper use of machinery, and safety protocols are assessed, along with training tutorials created and shared using Dartfish.

Behaviour and psychology

Dartfish tools provide the ability to evaluate behavior and performance in multiple ways, including clinical settings and in research. Financial institutions use Dartfish to assess the abilities of their advisors. Businesses assess interviews, in-house communication, and their sales process. In education, professors and administrators evaluate teacher performance..

What are Dartfish software's capabilities for biomechanics?

Dartfish is two dimensional video analysis software enabling biomechanical observation, comparison and quantitative measurement of time, distance, angle and position.

Measurements can be recorded in Data Tables which calculate timings and speeds from position/time data.

For precise imaging, Dartfish records a live video stream from Basler cameras. These cameras are designed for scientific purposes, offering high frame rates and accurate image representation using CCD imaging chips.

Dartfish ProSuite (see information about the different editions) allows automatic tracking of drawings added to video. Thus an angle drawn on a leg, for example, can track markers placed on it. Should a marker become obscured, or tracking become difficult for any other reason, the drawing can be manually positioned and Dartfish 'learns' the correct position for each frame.

ProSuite can also capture from two cameras simultaneously.

Dartfish TeamPro Data is able to integrate data from third party software with video using its CSV file reader. It also has a SRM reader specific to SRM power crank (cycling) data. TeamPro Data is also able to simultaneously record video and telemetrically received data. For example, GPS or force plate data can be recorded with video and the two displayed together.
This requires a software bridge which we can create. And, we make our API available for you to develop your own.

What camera can I use with Dartfish?

Dartfish software can use an extremely wide range of video formats and therefore can use the video produced by most camcorders and a range of other video sources too. 

It can import video files directly from camcorders, rename them and 'stitch' split files into one video as it does so. 

It can record a live video stream so that video feedback can be immediate and seamless, or so that video can be 'tagged' as the game happens. We have produced a list of devices which we recommend for live streaming. Among other valuable information you can discover that:

  • IP cameras can be used to set up a network of fixed cameras
  • Basler high speed cameras can be used in situations demanding high frame rate or highly accurate imagery.
  • High quality webcams can be a cost effective solution.
  • Integrated video converters can be used to create a live video stream from a camcorder.

Do I need a particular computer to use Dartfish software?

Analyzing video, especially HD video, requires a powerful computer. Displaying two blended video images with drawings overlaid requires good graphics hardware. For this reason we recommend a computer specification which we can be sure will do everything you need it to do and you'll be future-proofed for the lifetime of the computer

That said, if you will be using Dartfish for less resource-hungry analysis tasks, a lower spec may work adequately.

Can Dartfish run on Apple Mac computers?

Dartfish software is Windows software and is not compatible with Apple OS. However, since Apple’s release of their Leopard OS, Mac computers have been able to install both operating systems. This is thanks to a utility called Bootcamp which partitions your hard drive and installs Windows. You will first need to buy Windows from the Microsoft website. When the computer is started, your Mac will offer you a choice of using Windows or the Mac OS. Many of our customers are already successfully using this option and are reporting great results running our software.

Parallels software should not be used. Parallels allows both operating systems to run simultaneously, however it can prevent Dartfish from accessing hardware and reduces the performance of your computer. 

Dartfish will not work on Macs running Windows emulation software.

Dartfish technical support for Mac users

Please be aware that we do not officially support the use of Dartfish on Apple computers. We don't test our software on Macs and we cannot support Mac users with hardware problems or any other Mac specific issues. However, our support people will do their best to advise you and since Apple started using Intel chipsets, we should expect both Windows and Dartfish to work very well.

Our support team cannot help you with installing Windows or using Bootcamp. Both are very well described and supported by Apple on their website.

Where is your price list?

You won't find one on our website - sorry about that! 
Why? Because the price you pay is enormously variable depending on the solution you require. It simply wouldn't representative to put that in a price list. Forgive us if we ask you first to contact us to allow us to help you discover what you need.

Rest assured that we have solutions for every budget and you can get started for as low as a few dollars with our apps - Dartfish Express Video Analysis  & Dartfish Note Tagging - and myDartfish cloud.

Can I get a demonstration?

Of course! Simply contact us to have us put you in touch with your local Dartfish representative or reseller. They can come to you or, if more convenient, can explain our products and solutions via an online meeting.

To explore the possibilities, consider viewing  our case studies to learn how organizations like yours are using Dartfish. Its also worth browsing the case study videos on our channel for other ideas.

Can I try out Dartfish products?

Sure! We offer trials of both Dartfish software and

However, we require you to contact us to arrange your trial, so that we can advise you on the best solution and to ensure that you are well supported throughout the trial period

It is not possible to provide trials of our Apps but, as they cost nothing or very little, we think it will be a few dollars well spent.

Do you provide support & training with Dartfish?

Technical support

Technical support is provided by in-house Dartfish experts from our HQ in Fribourg, Switzerland and also by Dartfish USA, Dartfish Korea and Dartfish Japan.

We have a dedicated customer care website which offers access to your software, Technical Support and comprehensive tutorials.


Tutorials and, in certain countries, live online training are available free of charge. One-to-one or onsite training is not included in the price of the software but we do have experts world-wide who can either come to you, or deliver training via online meetings.

How is different from other video websites? brings you a new way to experience video. Clips available on have been enriched with Dartfish software or apps; offering Illustration, key positions, and unique special effects to name just a few. This gives your viewer an unprecedented video experience.

Not just video - Dartfish enriched video

We call a video analysis sharing site because it is designed around everything that you produce with Dartfish software and apps. This means that your key position or still shot analysis become accessible via the internet. This means that highlights videos can be instantly created and distributed from Dartfish. If tagged games are uploaded, those tags are filterable and searchable. Audiences can select what they want to see, right down to events within videos.

An integrated solution

Did we mention that is integrated with Dartfish software and apps. That integration continues after content goes online:

  • Analysis downloaded to a smartphone or tablet goes straight to the Dartfish Express library. The analysis can now be used offline with the superior experience of Dartfish Express app toolset.
  • Notebooks uploaded from the Dartfish Note app are accessible to your organisation's tagging users. Their software can grab the Notebook and integrate its events with video.

Your audience is YOUR audience

As far as your audience is concerned, is your video website. Although they can choose to browse public content created by others, your has its own branding and navigation, created and controlled by you. Your has its own home page where you can promote content and your organization

Keep your audience coming back. Those who you subscribe, or those who choose to subscribe themselves will be automatically notified when new content is available. 

Different content for different audiences

You control who sees what. Content is arranged into collections wither eiother public or private access determined by you. I can pay to access to a collection. I can be given my own personal collection for one-to-one sharing. My personalized experience is decided by you.

Discover more

Is there an App for that?

Dartfish Express

Express offers video analysis from the convenience of your mobile or tablet

Dartfish Note

Note is a mobile tagging panel. Use it to describe events in your sport or activity; then use Dartfish software to link those events to video.


Easytag is a mobile tagging panel for those who don't have It is the forerunner to Dartfish Note, which is by far the superior app.

Content apps

Content apps give your target audience access to content on your channel. They have a customized interface, reflecting the identity and brand of your organization. Compared with using a browser, viewers check out your videos more frequently and for longer.
We create these apps on request. Please get in touch to learn more.

How do I contact my local Dartfish representative?

Use the contact page and we'll forward your details to your local rep or one of the experts that we have in various fields.

If you have lost the contact details of someone with whom you've been dealing, just let us know and we'll get you back in touch.

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