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Rehab Smarter

Evaluate & improve any movement. Effectively.

One-touch video review by capturing a live video stream directly. Selectively, review what matters. Analytical tools gather valid movement data and you can use unique video replay features to demonstrate patients' movement and progress.

Functional Movement Evaluation
Functional Movement Evaluation
Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis
Throwing/Swing Analysis
Throwing/Swing Analysis
Sports Injury Prevention
Sports Injury Prevention
Rehab Excercises
Rehab Excercises
Evaluate & improve any movement. Effectively.
It's all about the patient!

Enhance Patient Care.

It’s all about the patient! Video helps you better understand the root issue, allows you to customize a more effective treatment plan, and encourages patient ‘buy-in’ to therapy.

Generate Revenue.

Thousands of practices use Dartfish with cash-pay and insurance-reimbursement services. And the ability to share video makes it a powerful marketing tool.


USD 100 / mo

Billed annually

  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
    • Instant Video Feedback
    • Game Tagging
  • Dartfish Pro
    • Industry standards video format support
    • Drawing Tools
    • Live Video Feedback
    • Advanced Video Analysis Tools
    • Analysis Recorder
    • Live Multi Angle Cameras
    • SimulCam™
    • StroMotion™
    • Data stream integration

We purchased Dartfish because subtle changes in motor function occur over the course of rehabilitation and recovery that are often not picked up by numerical scales. Dartfish enables us to record a patient’s performance at each visit, and analyze it objectively to detect those changes, as well as provide patients with feedback for further treatment.

Raghavan & Li

Mt. Sinai School of Medecine